Alif Bay Pay – Yes, There Is An App For That

Alif Bay Pay is fun and interactive Urdu alphabets learning app that will take any toddler on an educational joy ride.

I saw a demo of Alif Bay Pay app few weeks back during lunch with two Qurtaba co-founders, app developer, and thought it was visually very appealing and an excellent way for kids to learn Urdu alphabets.

According to Arjumand Azeemi, co-founder of Qurtaba and developer of the app, “Qurtaba’s vision is to spark the love of learning Urdu in young children” with this iPhone app. “One part of that goal is teaching them to read and write Urdu, not just spoken Urdu. By learning Urdu they not only learn a new language, it opens a whole new culture for them. With languages, comes the culture.” said Azeemi.

Each alphabet is pronounced with the visual of the corresponding animal/thing in a beautiful voice. Alif sey Anaar, Bay sey Bandar, Pay sey Patang etc. After 38 alphabets, you can listen to all the alphabets in the form of a jingle.

Pay sey Patang Bay sey Bandar Alif sey Anaar
Kids born to Pakistani parents in America don’t learn any Urdu formally. Limited Urdu they are exposed to comes in the form of random sentences that start in Urdu and end in English. This problem is very wide-spread, trust me, I have seen it. This app can be an excellent start for kids to get the basic alphabets right. Kids are known to grasp a new language skill if taught earlier in life.

Alif Bay Pay is not a free app, it costs 99 cents. The good news is, I have arranged for 7 free redemption codes. Yes, the app can be yours for FREE.

This is how it works:

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First 7 people to comment will get the free redemption code by email.

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Tribute to Tariq Khanzada – Tragic but Noble End to a Selfless Life

Imagine for a second that you were returning home from a visit to your 3 weeks old granddaughter and on your way back you see a car that just crashed into the center divide of a freeway. It is 2 am, very dark and most cars are passing by at 75 to 90 MPH. You see that the driver is still alive and needs help. Most people would hesitate on what to do next. Continue driving? Call 911 and continue driving? Or call 911 and standby for help to arrive?

For Tariq Khanzada it was a split second decision to risk his own life in order to help a stranger. He parked his car in the shoulder lane and ran across the highway towards the center divide. The driver of the car was attempting to get out of the car when he realized another car was heading straight towards them. So he did what few others would do: Instead of fleeing to safety, he stood there to instruct the injured driver to remain in his vehicle. Within fractions of a second, two cars crashed into him, violently ending his life. But his noble actions that night saved the life of a man whose name he didn’t even know.

To many, the actions of Khanzada that night were not surprising. During a recent camping trip, he similarly came to the rescue of a few kids when he jumped into the water to help with their jet ski problems.

Khanzada is survived by his wife, Ruby Khanzada, his eldest son, Hasan, daughter, Hira, and youngest son, Amil.

For me, Tariq Khanzada is an inspiration. In a world plagued with daily news of murder, violence, and selfish agendas, it was an ironic consolence to hear that there is still such a thing known as humanity and selflessness. Although I personally did not know him, his actions on the night of January 12th, 2011 deeply touched me. In an age where Islam is misconstrued too often, Tariq Khanzada’s actions emulate what it is to be a true Muslim. The Holy Quran states in Chapter 5, Verse 32:

if any one slew a person… it would be as if he slew the whole of humanity: and if any one saved a person, it would be as if he saved the whole of humanity.

Tariq Khanzada: Son, Husband, Established Career Man, Father, Friend, Grandfather, Community Activist, and a Good Samaritan.

May he rest in peace…

San Jose Mercury News published two Articles related to Tariq Khanzada; “Man killed in series of collisions on Highway 237 in Sunnyvale” and then followed up with another article after the funeral “Sunnyvale: Man who died in Hwy. 237 crash had just visited newborn granddaughter

Please head over to and sign the Condolence Book.

Photo Credit: Haq’s Musings

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Mansoor Riaz Missing Since January 2, 2011

New Year didn’t start with exactly the best of news for Mansoor Riaz’s family. He has been missing since January 2, 2011. He works as a Software Developer for Microsoft in Seattle, WA and was last seen leaving his home in Bellevue, WA.

I have no connection to Mansoor Riaz, at least not directly. My in laws are related to him and as soon as I found out that he was missing, the only thing I could think of was that I need to help him some how.

Here is the vital information about him:

Sex: Male
Race: Asian/Pacific Islander
DOB: October 10, 1979
Age at Missing: 31
Missing From: Bellevue, WA
Height: 6’ 0″ (182.9 cm)
Weight: 195 lbs (88.5 kg)
Hair: Black

If you have any information about him or have seen him, please contact:

Bellevue Police Department
(425) 452-6917

WSP Missing Persons Unit:

National Center for Missing Adults:

Link to Washington State Patrol’s profile for Mansoor Riaz

As soon as I hear anything about him, I will update this post.

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